Tiny Psychogeography


DATE4th July, 15h

LOCATIONCentro d'Artes de Aljustrel

TARGETall ages

Workshop with Sophie Mak-Schram and Ruben Green

An important aspect of our project, The Maybe Museum, is asking people to look at somewhere they know well in a new way. Psychogeography, first defined by French thinker Guy Debord in 1955, began as a way for him to look with fresh eyes on his home city of Paris. The workshop takes people through a series of practical excercises to explain and explore Psychogeography. Central to the technique of psychogeography is the Dérive, or “Drift” – Debord implores the psychogeographer to... “drop their usual motives for movement and action, their relations, their work and leisure activities, and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain”. The workshop will start with a ten to fifteen minute silent walk as a group, to introduce and practice the skill of walking and observing. Then, when we return, the participants will each make an object to “guide” them – something that they have to look after on the next walk. They will take these objects with them on the second walk, where the participants will take turns leading a group, drawn by their individual sense of the “attractions of the terrain”.

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