RESIDENCE16.06 - 25.06, Aljustrel

FESTIVAL30 th June | 19h | Aljustrel

 6th July | 19h | Ourique


AREAFine Arts / Performance





António Guimarães Ferreira studied Drawing and Atelier at Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes, besides the graduation in law. After experiencing professional paths in different areas, he dedicated himself from 2104 onward to design, sculpture, installation and performative projects, exhibiting regularly. In 2015 he won the first prize in Criarte contest (jury composed by Pauline Foessel, Paulo Arraiano, Sandro Resende and Miguel Januário). After two years as a resident artist at Mart (guided by Paulo Brighetti, André Almeida e Sousa and Miguel Ferrão), he has been working along with Rui Gueifão.

Rui Gueifão presently lives and works in Lisbon. He graduated in Visual Arts at the Escola Superior de Artes e Design das Caldas da Rainha (ESAD.CR), in 2014. He has been awarded an Erasmus scholarship to study in Poznan, Poland. From 2014 onward, he has been developing his artistic work in a continuous and non-stoping way. He has exhibited in different places, from independent spaces, home-museums to galleries. Simultaneously he has worked in different institutions related to the contemporary artistic context such as Museu Colecção Berardo, Gallery Baginski and Gallery Caroline Pagès.


Construct a sculpture and carry it between Aljustrel and Ourique walking and using a cart, as a travelling salesman or messenger between villages. Manually and physicality as the principal production's force of the artists: in the construction of the sculpture and the cart and also in the transportation of both. In every stop, the work will be exhibited at least once a day, inviting the local community to take all the decisions relative to the setting. Audiovisual and photographic records are also part of the work. Resulting from an artistic practice that's permeable to everything that surrounds it (community, nature, labours and affects), all this action will constitute a physical path, but not only, made on several voices, eminently collaborative. Calling upon themes such as the notion of public space, democratization of art and ephemerality, Enxerto is previously a search and an open process.

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