RESIDENCE25.05 - 29.06, Ourique

FESTIVAL7th July | 08h > 13h | 16h > 18h | Ourique

TITLEArte Necessária

AREAPerformance / Public Art




Diogo da Cruz is a conceptual artist living and working between Lisbon and Munich. Graduated in sculpture at the College of Fine Arts of the Lisbon University and Freie Kunst (Free Arts) at the Fine Arts Academy of Munich, Germany, guided by professor Hermann Pitz. During this last formation he was followed by the assistant professors Ceal Floyer, Andrea Fraser and Tyler Cobum. In Munich, was awarded a scholarship for foreign students (STIBET) of DAAD (The German Academic Exchange Service). His finalist exhibition was awarded a prize from the same institution – Preis für hervorragende Leistungen ausländischer Studierender (a Prize for the excellent performance of foreign students) – which gave place to a second exhibition, at the Munich Academy. In 2016, he has studied on the Independent Study Programme at Maumaus – School of Visual de Arts, Lisbon. He performed an individual exhibition, in Munich, and participated in several collective exhibitions in Portugal, Germany, Austria, Spain and Greece. He had organized workshops in a school at Füssen Germany, as well.

Arte Necessária

Arte Necessária is a conceptual project that works as mediator of ideas, presented in a public and trivial context. In a world where contemporary art appears very often enclosed in a certain discourse, intellectual and elitist, Cruz intends to embrace a rather generalist public, creating unavoidable encounters with artistic objects, in this case with a bread bag designed by the artist himself. In a take-away manner, the viewers/clients are compelled to take with them this necessary art piece, triggering its free circulation from a public space of high importance in a community: the bakery. The life and art merge on a single plane. The prototype of the project Arte Necessária had its first public presentation at the Academy of Fine Arts of Munich in 2016, within a gallery context as exhibition and performance/manifesto.

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