RESIDENCE08.05 - 04.06, Ourique

FESTIVAL7th July | 22h| Ourique

TITLEMe and the People

AREAFilm / Dance



María Teresa García works and lives in Seville. Studied graphic design at Instituto de Diseño Darias, in Caracas. García has worked for more than 10 years with venezuelan theater and dance companies and, after that, she started to study photography at Escuela de Artes y Ofícios de Granada and finished the bachelor degree at Escuela de Arte, in Seville (2015). In her photographs, García explores themes such as familiar life, transporting it to more abstract notions of absence, fear, distance or beauty. Her findings are the result of her love for analogy, poetry and sense. Actually, García's working in a new serie about migration, work and loss.

Me and the People

As migrant herself, García works about lost as the principal object of the study in this project. With her personal experience as background, the artist propose to extend the sphere of her work to the Other, working directly with other people and with other stories and affects inevitably. Intimacy is the keyword of Met and the people, through which García will penetrate the life and memories of the community, filming personal meetings to extract from it the raw material of her work: narrative, gestures and movements. Using video, Me and the people wants to state that dance is in every single moment, part and individual of life.

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