RESIDENCE10.06 - 29.06, Aljustrel

FESTIVAL30th June | 21h30 | Aljustrel

TITLEUnfolding Time

AREAAudiovisual performance / Sound installation



Myungduk Kim is a multimedia artist, classical guitarist, composer and researcher. He specialized in baroque and contemporary music, combined with audiovisual techniques and electronic performance. Studied classical guitar, performance and musical pedagogy at Fontys hogeschool voor de kunsten/ArtEZ hogeschool voor de kunsten (Netherlands). In the presentation of his experimental works, he often uses natural numbers, patterns and textures, among voice and build-in modular synthesis.

Unfolding Time

Based in a concept of a transforming that switch one state of matter to another state throughout a cinetic potential (for instance, the difference between water and ice particles), Unfolding Time aims to simulate variations and deformations of sounds that, when influenced by physical movement through a specific structure, results in visual projections. Kim proposes an interactive system that combines the same matter in different states: sound and visual that interact and play together, culminating in an intense sensorial experience. The sound signal is received and analysed by a processor and then the same algorithm will be transformed into visual effects. The performance will be presented, during the festival, in live act, using a computational visual system and modular synthesis to map the data and manipulate the signals.

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