RESIDENCE08.06 - 29.06, Aljustrel

FESTIVAL1st July | 21h30 | Aljustrel


AREAIntermedia / Performance



After performing and presenting dance, sound, and video art in San Francisco for over 10 years, Hen Lovely Bird immigrated to Berlin, Germany in 2010, where she co-founded StratoFyzika with Alessandra Leone and Lenka Kocisova. As a collective that creates audiovisual, movement-based interactive performances, StratoFyzika has presented original works throughout Europe and Brazil at venues including Cynetart Festival, Uferstudios (Month of Performance Berlin), Platoon Kunsthalle Berlin, and Galeria de Arte Digital do Sesi-SP/FIESP in São Paulo, Brazil. In addition to StratoFyzika, Hen has been a founding member of three other performance collectives, primarily centered in San Francisco: A.R.G. (Anomolous Research Group), Suki Tawdry and The Black Cactus Choir. She has performed with these groups mostly as a dancer/choreographer, but also as a sound artist and physical/narrative actor. In addition, Hen has been a performance artist in fashion shows, music videos, and dance-for-camera films. She holds a B.A. in Dance and Intermedia Arts from Mills College (Oakland, CA), where she was the recipient of the Innovative Choreography award.

As a trained (motion) graphics designer and self-taught programmer, Alessandra Leone is highly fascinated by perception, consciousness and reality, creating visually striking and challenging work. After studying classical music, as a pianist and flutist, she graduated from Politecnico di Milano with a master in Communication Design, and a bachelor in Product Design, writing her dissertation on Neuer Deutscher Film (New German Cinema). As a live visual artist, Leone has performed at a range of live events such as the Geneva Mapping Festival, B-Seite – festival für visuelle Kunst und Jetztkultur in Mannheim and Month of Performance Art Berlin, exploring new solutions for interactivity on stage and immersive environments. Leone is currently motion graphics teacher and freelancer, collaborating with different advertisement and design studios as animator and editor.

Lenka kocisova (aka Akkamiau) is an audiovisual artist, experimental musician, and performer. In 2014, she received her PhD in Audiovisual Performance from FaVU Brno University of Technology (CZ), where she also studied Performance Art under Professor Tomas Ruller, pedagogy, multimedia and arts management. Living and traveling throughout Europe, collecting experiences in art and music club subculture, she has been a member and/or coordinator of female:pressure (Berlin, DE), new media festival Multiplace, Czech it!, Anymade Studio and Fauchmiau. She was also Art Director of site-specific projects L to the B and Zbrojovka. She has performed experimental audiovisual shows, since 2006, and experimental techno, since 2014.

Daria Kaufman is a contemporary dancer and choreographer whose work deconstructs notions of perception, gender, and how the body conveys meaning. Her pieces have been presented throughout the San Francisco Bay Area (USA) and Portugal, at venues including ODC Theater (SF), Joe Goode Annex (SF), Escola Superior de Dança (Lisbon) and Atelier Concorde (Lisbon). In 2015, she was nominated for an Isadora Duncan Dance Award (“Izzie”) for Individual Performance for the show In her tower. Her work has been generously supported by the Gulbenkian Foundation, the European Cultural Foundation and the Zellerbach Family Foundation. She has also been awarded many artistic residencies throughout San Francisco Bay Area and Europe, including Shawl-Anderson Dance Center (Berkeley, USA), Devir Capa (Faro, Portugal) and ÇATI Dans (Istanbul, Turkey). Since 2014, she lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal.


Created in collaboration with Lisbon-based dancer/choreographer Daria Kaufman, Phi is a new audiovisual dance performance inspired by the slowly changing, repetitive structures of minimalist music, and their incremental alteration of perception. Phi is also StratoFyzika's newest performance work to delve into the unique crossings between movement, sound, and light. The piece unfolds amidst a lighting installation that continually phases between light and shadow, orbiting the dancers' bodies, alternately illuminating and obscuring. Meanwhile, a spatial sound pool emits poly-rhythmic, electronic soundscapes that traverse space through a 4-channel system. All these elements synthesize into a visceral, striking, cross-sensory performance.

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